Requirements of the Major


>> Click HERE to download the HSMPH requirements spreadsheet! <<

(Your advisor will keep the official version, but you can use this for planning and keeping track of your progress.)

The major in History of Science, Medicine, and Public Health (HSHM) requires twelve term courses, including the two-term senior requirement. Students select a pathway of seven courses that guides them through an area of specialization. The seven pathway courses must include two courses in HSHM; one seminar numbered 100 or above in HSHM or History; one science course; and three electives chosen from relevant courses in any department.

The five standard pathways in the major are: medicine and public health; global health; science, technology, and society; gender, reproduction, and the body; and media, knowledge, and visual cultures. Students may also design a custom pathway in consultation with the Director of Undergraduate Studies. No later than the beginning of the junior year, students in the major must select a standard pathway or indicate that they will design their own.

Beyond the seven pathway courses, students must complete three additional electives in HSHM. One of the electives must be a seminar, and one must be chosen from a pathway other than the one selected for the major. (This means that the course must not have an “x” in the student’s pathway in the spreadsheets linked on the Pathways page.) All courses for the major are chosen in collaboration with the student’s advisor.