Courses and Pathways

For course times, locations, and syllabi for the current academic year, ** please see Yale Course Search. **

Also note that some graduate courses may also be open to undergraduates with permission of the instructor.

A pathway is a combination of seven courses in HSHM and other departments that share a common theme. To form a pathway, there is a minimum of two HSHM courses, one seminar in HSHM or History, and one science (SC) course. The additional three courses can be drawn from any department (including more HSHM courses). All seven courses must be coherent with the pathway, including the science elective, and broad intro or pre-med-sequence science courses typically do not fill this role.

All students must also take at least one course that is not in their pathway. This means that the course must not have an “x” in the student’s pathway in the spreadsheets below.

The major offers five standard pathways: Medicine and Public Health; Global Health; Science, Technology, and Society; Gender, Reproduction, and the Body; Media, Knowledge, and Visual Cultures. In addition, students can design their own pathway in consultation with the DUS. 

For the short list of current HSHM courses – including pathway assignments – please:

>> Click HERE to download the 2022–2023 HSHM pathway spreadsheet <<

We also keep an archive of all pathway assignments for courses offered in the last four years:

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