Prize-Winning Senior Projects

The Martin Klein and George Rosen Prize was established in 2006. It honors two distinguished former members of the faculty: Klein, a historian of physics, and Rosen, a historian of medicine and public health. It is awarded to the senior who has written the most outstanding senior essay in history of science and/or medicine.

The Elias E. Manuelidis Prize was established in 2017. It is presented for an outstanding senior essay(s) in the field of the history of medicine, with a preference for topics related to social justice. 

Year Winner

Title (click to read!)

2023 Manuelidis prize: Sarah Laufenberg

“How Science Studies the Child”: Arnold Gesell and The Eugenic Origins of Child Development at Yale, 1911-1948

  Manuelidis prize: Emme Magliato

Within the walls and outside the gates: Yale laboratory for early 20th century eugenics knowledge production in New Haven

  Manuelidis prize: Rachel Willis

Dear Dr. Dickinson: Eugenics, Sexuality, & Pleasure in Early 20th-Century American Gynecology

  Klein Rosen prize: Amma Otchere

“Our Church Lights the Way” The Black Church Response to HIV/AIDS in Connecticut, 1981-2005

  Klein Rosen prize: Hema Patel The Formation of the Indian Health Board: Culturally Sustaining Heathcare in the Phillips Neighborhood of Minneapolis, 1971-present
2022 Manuelidis prize: Isabella Li Intersectional “Inclusions”: Safety and Reproductive Justice in Clinical Studies of Maternal-Fetal HIV Transmission
  Manuelidis prize: Anna Tran Let’s Bring Health Care to the Patient: The Usage of Holistic Medicine as a Means of Revolutionary Care and Liberation in New York, 1969-1979
  Klein Rosen prize: Debbie Dada “Structural Violence & Small Victories: Political Epidemiology of HIV Among MSM in Nigeria, 2000-2010”
  Klein Rosen prize: Alex Halberstam “Simple, Quick and Wrong”: Tuberculosis Control and Expansion of the Carceral State at the Turn of the 21st Century


Manuelidis prize: Grace Chen

“Power, Politics, and Pluralism in the Establishment of Community-Based Care in San Francisco’s Chinatown, 1850-1925”

  Klein Rosen prize: Weston Lowry

“Sticking Points: The Emergence of American Needle Exchange in the Urban Northeast, 1986-1995”


Manuelidis prize: Elizabeth Karron “Kids First?”: Imagined Futures and Shifting Conceptions of Risk in Hepatitis B Immuization Policy in the United States, 1982-1999
  Klein Rosen prize: Sara Tridenti To Affinity and Beyond: Tables, Textbooks, and the Disciplinary Development of Chemistry in Eighteenth-Century Europe
2018 Manuelidis prize: Mary Wingerson “Lunacy under the Burden of Freedom:” Race and Insanity in the American South, 1840-1890
  Klein Rosen prize: Nealie Ngo The Body Issue: What Global and Historical Perspectives of the Ideal Female Body Can Teach Us About Our Own Present-Day Bodies (Excerpt)
2017 Manuelidis prize: Sarah Landau How We Die: AIDS and Aging in a Biomedical Society
  Manuelidis prize: Kathleen Yu Naturalizing a “Foreign Menace”: Trachoma, the Geography of Disease, and Public Health in America, 1897-1938
  Klein Rosen prize: Natalia Perelman “The Greasy Killer”: Scientific Nutritionism in late 20th Century America
  Klein Rosen prize: Joyce Wang A Pint of ABO: The Currency of Life and Death in China’s HIV Epidemic
2016 Melissa Wattana The Baby Bottle and the Bottom Line: Corporate Strategies and the Infant Formula Controversy in the 1970s
  Vivek Vishwanath Transforming Primary Care: How Multiphasic Health Services Redefined Care Delivery at Kaiser Permanente, 1948-1973
2015 Daniel Arias Bright Young Minds: Collegiate Mental Hygiene in Early Twentieth Century America
  Victoria Kim Re-making a Nation: How Social Roles Determined Access to Physical Disabilities Resources in Great Britain, 1888–1946
2014 Nicholas Levine The Dignity of an Exact Science: Evangeline Adams, Astrology, and the Professions of the Probable, 1890–1940
2013 Connor Bell Dethroning the “Medical Clergy”: Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Community Health Movement in a Model City
  Rachel Looff The “Dykes” Chapter: Response to “In Amerika They Call Us Dykes” as a Representation of Lesbian Participation in the 1970s US Women’s Health Movement
2012 Helen MacGregor More than a Nurse, Less than a Doctor: Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants and Gendered Power in American Medicine, 1955–1975
  Meaghan Watters Eugenic Sterilization in California in the 1920s and 30s
2011 Catherine Gliwa Out of the Twilight: Continuous Caudal Anesthesia and the Modernization of Obstetric Pain Management in America, 1940–1960
2010 Kira Newman Shutt Up: Bubonic Plague and Quarantine in Early Modern England
2009 Anna Legant Parks Polio Across the Iron Curtain: Dorothy M. Horstmann’s 1959 Evaluation of the Sabin Polio Vaccine Trial in the U.S.S.R.
2008 Sobia Sarmast Medicalization of Premenstrual Symptoms in the United States, 1929–1983
  Nathaniel Segal A World Without Cancer? The Laetrile Controversy and the Debate Over Drug Regulation, 1950–1985
2007 Jordan Ellis The People’s Planet: Reactions to the Discovery of Pluto
  Alison Logan A Museum of Ideas: Evolution Education at the Peabody Museum During the 1920s
2006 Rachel Ann Winer Diabetes, the National Institutes of Health, and the Arizona Pima Indians: A Study of Ethics and Experimentation in American Medicine, 1965 to the Present