Here are a few examples of pathways that HSHM majors have designed in consultation with the DUS. 

Pathway in Environmental History 

1) HSHM course: HSHM 422 Cartography, Territory, and Identity 

2) HSHM course: HSHM 211 Catastrophe and the Earth Sciences since 1850

3) Seminar (HSHM or History): HIST 130 Disasters in America

4) Elective (any department): HIST 899 Geography and History  

5) Elective (any department): ANTH 438 Culture, Power, Oil

6) Elective (any department): EVST 301 1970s Environmental Law and Politics 

7) Science elective: EB&B 272 Ornithology

Pathway in History of Human Science

1) HSHM course: HIST 140J/HSHM 422 - Cartography, Territory & Identity

2) HSHM course: HSHM 471 - Directed Reading

3) Seminar (HSHM or History): HIST 129J Capitalism Class & Power in 20th Century US

4) Elective (any department): PHIL 175 Introduction to Ethics

5) Elective (any department): LING 263 Semantics

6) Elective (any department): HIST 356J History, Sociology, and Grand Narratives

7) Science elective: SCIE 141 Science and Pseudoscience

Pathway in Science in Asia 

1) HSHM course: HSHM 215 Public Health in America

2) HSHM course: HSHM 211 Catastrophe and the Earth Sciences since 1850

3) Seminar (HSHM or History): HSHM 464 Cultural History of Mental Illness

4) Elective (any department): EAST 422 History and Nationalism in East Asia

5) Elective (any department): EAST 424 Religion & National Identity in Modern Korea

6) Elective (any department): EAST 430 Japanese Nationalism in Global Context

7) Science elective: PHYS 261 Intensive Introductory Physics

Pathway in Media, Conflict, and Health

1) HSHM course: HSHM 469 Photography and the Sciences

2) HSHM course: HSHM 202 Media & Medicine in Modern America

3) Seminar (HSHM or History): HIST 129J Capitalism, Class & Power in 20th C. US

4) Elective (any department):  HSAR 444 Image Making & Social Justice

5) Elective (any department): ART 136 Intro Black & White Photography

6) Elective (any department): ART 338 Intermediate Digital Photography

7) Science elective: ASTR S120 - Galaxies and the Universe