Medicine and Public Health

Here is an example of a pathway in Medicine and Public Health:

1) HSHM course: HSHM 202 Media and Medicine in Modern America

2) HSHM course: HSHM 242 Molecules, Life, & Disease: 20th Century

3) Seminar (HSHM or History): HSHM 468 Sex, Life, and Generation

4) Elective (any department): PLSC 257 Bioethics and Law

5) Elective (any department): ANTH 453 Health Disparities and Health Equities

6) Elective (any department): SOCY 390 Politics of Reproduction

7) Science elective: BENG 251 Biological and Physiological Determinants of Health

HSHM courses in this pathway:

courses numbered 400 and above are seminars

HSHM 002 Medicine and Disease in the Ancient World

HSHM 004 Technology and American Medicine

HSHM 007 Epidemics in Global Perspective

HSHM 202 Media and Medicine in Modern America

HSHM 212 Historical Perspectives on Global Health

HSHM 215 Public Health in America, 1793 to the Present

HSHM 216 Minds and Brains in America

HSHM 223 Doctors and Patients

HSHM 226 The Scientific Revolution

HSHM 234 Medicine and Health in Society

HSHM 235 Epidemics and Society in the West since 1600 

HSHM 241 Sickness and Health in African American History

HSHM 242 Molecules, Life, & Disease: 20th Century

HSHM 406 Healthcare for the Urban Poor

HSHM 409 Minds and Brains from Phrenology to fMRI

HSHM 413 X-Ray Visions: Medical Imaging since 1895

HSHM 416 Engineering the Modern Body

HSHM 414 Ancient Greek Medicine

HSHM 420 History of Addiction

HSHM 423 Biomedical Futures since 1945

HSHM 425 Gender in Science and Medicine

HSHM 430 Mental Illness and Crime in American Culture

HSHM 432 Politics of Reproduction

HSHM 434 Science and Religion in Spanish Narrative

HSHM 437 The Global Crisis of Malaria

HSHM 438 The Neurological Condition

HSHM 445 Women and Medicine in America

HSHM 447 History of Chinese Science

HSHM 448 American Medicine and the Cold War

HSHM 455 History of the Body

HSHM 463 Social Governance in Early America

HSHM 468 Sex, Life, and Generation

HSHM 473 Vaccination in Historical Perspective

HSHM 481 Medicine, Race, and the Slave Trade

HSHM 483 Health, Disease, and Racial Difference in Modern America

HSHM 485 Health and Medicine in the Global South

HSHM 487 Disability, Science, and Society

HSHM 488 The History of Drugs in 20th-Century America

HSHM 495 Medicine and U.S. Imperialism