Global Health

Here is an example of a pathway in Global Health:

1) HSHM course: HSHM 212 Historical Perspective on Global Health

2) HSHM course: HSHM Cultures of Western Medicine

3) Seminar (HSHM or History): HSHM 437 Global Crisis of Malaria

4) Elective (any department): BENG 251 Physiology of Health 

5) Elective (any department): ANTH 245 Nature and Globalization

6) Elective (any department): ECON 325 Economics of Developing Countries 

7) Science elective: EMD 550 Biology of Insect Disease Vectors

HSHM courses in this pathway:

courses numbered 400 and above are seminars

HSHM 007 Epidemics in Global Perspective

HSHM 202 Media and Medicine in Modern America

HSHM 210 Global Histories of Identification and Surveillance

HSHM 212 Historical Perspetives on Global Health

HSHM 215 Public Health in America, 1793 to the Present

HSHM 234 Medicine and Health in Society

HSHM 235 Epidemics and Western Society since 1600

HSHM 410 The Science and Politics of Pollution

HSHM 422 Cartography, Territory, and Identity

HSHM 437 The Global Crisis of Malaria

HSHM 456 History of Human Experimentation since 1800

HSHM 481 Medicine, Race, and the Slave Trade

HSHM 485 Health and Medicine in the Global South

HSHM 495 Medicine and U.S. Imperialism