Dissertations in Progress

The following students have advanced to candidacy, having fulfilled all requirements except the dissertation.

Liana DeMarco

“Medicine and the Making of Racial Capitalism in Cuba and Louisiana, 1769-1860”

Barbara DiGennaro

“No Antidote Without Poison, Theriac From the Sixteenth Century to the Nineteenth Century”

Jed Gross

“Operations of Law: Regulating the Medical Use of Human Tissue and Organs in Twentieth Century America”

Rodion Kosovsky

“Unsafe Homes: A History of Intimate Partner Violence in the U.S. from 1930-1990”

Megann Licskai

“Pro-Life Science: The Production and Circulation of Reproductive Knowledge in the American Pro-Life Movement, 1968-2003”

Mary Ellen Leuver

“Contagion without Cure: The Architectures, Environments, and Culture of Tuberculosis in Colorado Springs and the American West 1865–1960”

Gourav Krishna Nandi

“Trapped in the Ashes of History: Cold War, Public Health and Bengali Refugees in Independent India, 1935-1960”

Sarah Pickman

“The Veneer of Outside Things”: Objects and the Making of Extreme Environments, 1800-1920

Maya Sandler

“Entitled to Care: Health Activism and the Struggle for America’s Social Safety Net, 1966-1996”

Deborah Steahle

“How to Die Differently: American Ways of Death, 1960-2015”

Simon Torracinta

“The Economy of Desire: Cold War Science and Human Wants, 1945-1989”