Dissertations in Progress

The following students have advanced to candidacy, having fulfilled all requirements except the dissertation.

Kamil Ahsan

“What is a Reef? Ontology and Ecology Beyond the Great Barrier Reef”

Thomas Anderson

“Poisons and the Environment in the French Empire, 1740-1830”

Breeanna Elliott

“A Spirited Pharmacopeia: Mobile Malagasy Spirits and Medical Knowledge Production in the Western Indian Ocean”

Kristine Ericson

“Performing Nature: Simulating Weather and Geological Events in Labs and on Film, c. 1900-present”

Sebastian Fernandez-Mulligan

“Order Out of Waste: Entropy, Complexity, and Decay at the End of Modernism”

Sydney Green

“Care and Safety: Shifting models of care for and by survivors of domestic violence in the United States, 1979-1994”

Jed Gross

“Operations of Law: Regulating the Medical Use of Human Tissue and Organs in Twentieth Century America”

Rodion Kosovsky

“Unsafe Homes: A History of Intimate Partner Violence in the U.S. from 1930-1990”

Caitlin Kossmann

“The Myth of Gaia: Gender, Ecology, and Community in the Making of Earth Systems Science”

Mary Ellen Leuver

“Contagion without Cure: The Architectures, Environments, and Culture of Tuberculosis in Colorado Springs and the American West 1865–1960”

Kenya Loudd

“A School and Not an Asylum” Recovering and Re-Imagining Histories of Segregated Schools for the Deaf and Blind in the South

Oliver Lucier

“Classifying Climate, Ordering Society, 1850-2020”

Libby O’Neil

“The Sciences of Unity: Systems Thinking Between Vienna and the United States, 1900-1980”

Alicia Petersen

“Mediated Bodies: Print and Knowledge Production, 1500-1700”

Madeleine Sheahan

“The Nature of Preservation: Recipes for Life and Death in the Seventeenth-Century Household”

Madeleine Ware

“Clinch and Release: Defining Healthy Womanhood through Pelvic Floor ‘Fitness’, 1880-1950s”