Dissertations in Progress

The following students have advanced to candidacy, having fulfilled all requirements except the dissertation.

Jed Gross

“Operations of Law: Regulating the Medical Use of Human Tissue and Organs in Twentieth Century America”

Rodion Kosovsky

“Unsafe Homes: A History of Intimate Partner Violence in the U.S. from 1930-1990”

Megann Licskai

“Pro-Life Science: The Production and Circulation of Reproductive Knowledge in the American Pro-Life Movement, 1968-2003”

Mary Ellen Leuver

“Contagion without Cure: The Architectures, Environments, and Culture of Tuberculosis in Colorado Springs and the American West 1865–1960”

Gourav Krishna Nandi

“Trapped in the Ashes of History: Cold War, Public Health and Bengali Refugees in Independent India, 1935-1960”

Sarah Pickman

“The Veneer of Outside Things”: Objects and the Making of Extreme Environments, 1800-1920

Maya Sandler

“Entitled to Care: Health Activism and the Struggle for America’s Social Safety Net, 1966-1996”

Deborah Steahle

“How to Die Differently: American Ways of Death, 1960-2015”

Simon Torracinta

“The Economy of Desire: Cold War Science and Human Wants, 1945-1989”