Dissertations in Progress

The following students have advanced to candidacy, having fulfilled all requirements except the dissertation.

Charlotte Abney Salomon

“Products of the Mineral Kingdom: Mineralogy in Sweden, 1750-1820.”

Jonny Bunning

“The Measured Life: Food, Price, Population”

J. Cecilia Cárdenas-Navia

“The Sciences of Skin Color and the Formation of Identity in America”

Liana DeMarco

“Medicine and the Making of Racial Capitalism in Cuba and Louisiana, 1769-1860”

Barbara DiGennaro

“No Antidote Without Poison, Theriac From the Sixteenth Century to the Nineteenth Century”

Jed Gross

“Operations of Law: Regulating the Medical Use of Human Tissue and Organs in Twentieth Century America”

Katherrine Healey

“The Din of War: Deafened Soldiers and the Development of Audiology in America”

Rodion Kosovsky

“Unsafe Homes: A History of Intimate Partner Violence in the U.S. from 1930-1990”

Caroline Lieffers

“Rehabilitating the World: Disability and American Imperialism, c. 1865-1930”

Mary Ellen Leuver

“Contagion without Cure: The Architectures, Environments, and Culture of Tuberculosis in Colorado Springs and the American West 1865–1960”

Catherine Mas

“The Culture Brokers: Medicine and Anthropology in Global Miami, 1960-1995”

Haesoo Park

“Life Otherwise: Twentieth-Century Histories and Futures of Epigenetic Sciences”

Ashanti Shih

“Alien Ecologies: Conservation and Identity in Twentieth-Century Hawai’i”

Laurel Waycott

“See-through Science: Glass, Craft and the Study of Life”