Oliver Lucier

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PhD Student
Research Areas: 
History of geography, history of the Earth sciences, environmental history

Oliver Lucier is a PhD student in the History of Science and Medicine Program at Yale University. His current research aims to explore the development of geography and environmental science within the broader contexts of colonialism, the growth of capitalism, slavery and its legacies, and the agency of colonial scientists. In 2018 he graduated from Rice University with a BA in History with honors, a BS in Earth Science, and a minor in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities. His undergraduate honors thesis focused on naturalists in the French Caribbean colonies during the eighteenth century, exploring their writings on racially structured colonial societies and environments. He received an MA in Geography with Distinction from Durham University in 2019. His master’s dissertation interrogated the production of geographic knowledge in French West Africa in the nineteenth century and its links to racial subjugation and French territorial expansion.