Megann Licskai

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PhD Candidate
Research Areas: 
US & Canadian medical history; reproductive medicine & justice; gender, science, & medicine; feminist STS; emotions, science, & medicine; biopolitics; life, death & personhood; bodies & medicine in the media; health politics, activism, conservatism


Megann’s dissertation research looks at the scientific and medical life of anti-abortion movements, with a particular focus on crisis pregnancy centers and ideas of post-abortion trauma. As a historian informed by methods from STS and critical theory, Megann considers the relationships between science and culture; the mutual constitution of emotion, science, and politics; and the ways that affect and science become rhetoric strategies to make authority claims and effect political change.

Megann completed her BA with combined honours in Contemporary Studies and the History of Science from the University of King’s College. Before coming to Yale, Megann worked for a small health non-profit, which sparked a continuing interest in medical ethics and health disparity.