Madeleine Ware

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PhD Student
Research Areas: 
Histories of Medicine and Public Health; Feminist Spaces; Gender and Sexuality; Reproductive Health; Material and Representational Bodies; Nineteenth-Century Europe; Transnational Histories; British and Dutch Empires


Madeleine Ware is a second year PhD student in the History of Science and Medicine. Her research uses feminist and spatial tools of analysis to examine intersections of public health, medical theory, and everyday life. She has written and published on the understudied history of abortion in South Carolina and remains committed to issues of reproductive health and justice in her scholarship. Her most recent work examines relationships between public health and domestic spaces in nineteenth-century European empires with a particular focus on quotidian habits, social identities, and individual experiences of ‘fitness’ and disease.

Madeleine received a BA in History (2016), BS in Biology (2016), and MA in History (2019) from the College of Charleston. She has contributed to the website Nursing Clio ( and has forthcoming articles in Gender and History and the Journal of the Southern Association for the History of Science and Medicine. She currently serves as a soliciting editor for the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.