Libby O’Neil

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PhD Candidate
Research Areas: 
history of psychology and the behavioral sciences, history of technology, modern history, global history, STS


Libby O’Neil is a graduate student in the History of Science and Medicine at Yale University.  Her current work focuses on the development of cybernetics and systems theory in the 20th century. She is especially interested in holistic approaches to psychology, computer science, and the behavioral sciences, especially through the influence of emigre scientists in the US. Outside of her research, Libby is the co-organizer of a science fiction discussion group and a fellow at the Poorvu Center’s Graduate Writing Lab.

Before coming to Yale, Libby received a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Kansas in 2014, and an MA in Liberal Studies from Reed College in 2019. Her master’s thesis at Reed examined the history and current use of female-voiced artificial assistants (e.g., Alexa). In addition to her previous academic experience, Libby has worked in avionics engineering and patent law.