Estrella Castillo

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PhD Student
Research Areas: 
Indigenous Science and Technology Studies; Itinerant Pedagogy; Speculative Futures; Multi-Existent Ontographies; Psychedelization; Territoriality; Extractivism; Indigeneity; Transnational Migration; Religion and the State


Estrella is a 2nd-year Ph.D. student at Yale’s History of Science and Medicine where she works on an ethnographic and historical project on divergent and convergent social and cultural representations and contestations over the Peyote cactus and land-based spiritual, therapeutic, and natural-knowledge practices.

Estrella holds an advisory role in the HSHM Graduate Advisory Committee (GAC), History Department Graduate Student Advisory Committee (GSAC), the History Department Diversity Committee, and is member of the Plant Collaboratory:

Watch at 1:07:00: “Peyote Protagonista: A Story About Connection Between People,” by Estrella V. Castillo (RebPsych 2020: The Promises and Perils of Psychedelic Therapy–Social Justice and Historical Perspectives, Yale School of Medicine).

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