Anthony Liddie

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PhD Student

Anthony Liddie is a Ph.D. student in the Program in History of Science and Medicine within the Department of History. He is interested in examining the relationship between the decline of organismic biology and the transformations of biological research during the Cold War. Anthony hopes to understand how biologists and biology navigated the matrix of anti-communist hysteria, Cold War developmentalism, shifts in the “lab’s” labor process, the rise of molecular biology, and various ecological crises between 1945-1975. Broadly speaking, he is interested in the relationship between politics and biology. Before joining Yale, Anthony received a B.A. in Biology (2022) from Columbia University. Anthony has, also, engaged in various political organizations and educational projects around the radical science movement, Climate Change, and abolitionist movement. In fact, he was initially drawn to the History of Science by engaging with radical trends in biological research and theory during the 20th century.