Holmes Workshops

The Holmes Workshop Series aims to encourage scholarly discussions of ongoing research among graduate students and faculty members at Yale working on projects related to the history of science and medicine, while fostering a sense of community spirit and collegiality among members of the Program in the History of Science and Medicine. It is named after Dr. Frederic L. Holmes, former chairman of the Program.

Holmes workshops run from 3:45-5:15 p.m. on certain Mondays throughout the fall and spring semesters and will be held in the Fulton Room (333 Cedar Street). Presenters are encouraged to pre-circulate their papers or chapters when possible.

Fall 2019


September 23

Community Guidelines Overview


September 30

Angelica Clayton, “Creating the Traumatized Rape Victim: Transformation of Rape Trauma Syndrome and Women’s Identities in the Clinic, Courtroom and Media, 1970-2000”


October 14

Aanchal Saraf, “Nuclear Horror Story: Racialized Zombies, Imperial Ruin, and the S/pacific Performance of Marshallese Feminisms”


October 21

Jennifer Strtak, “Prêt-à-rouler: vehicles and the making of movement in early modern France”


November 4

R. John Williams, “Memories of Now”


November 11

Miriam Rich


December 9

Camille Owens, “The Anatomy of Sammy Tubbs: Racial Pedagogies of the Human from Medical Science to Children’s Culture (1845-1880)”


Spring 2020


February 10

Sarah Pickman (presentation) - “‘Extreme Portability’: Circulating Medical Knowledge to and from Britain with Burroughs-Wellcome, 1890-1940.”

Kamil Ahsan (paper) - “Species & Value: The history of artificial reefs in the Gulf of Mexico”


March 2

Megann Licskai

Chapter from Dissertation: “Pregnant? Need Help?: Pro-Life Outreach and Care in the Crisis Pregnancy Center, 1968-1990”

Commenter: Deborah Streahle


March 23

Hussein Mohsen,  “Race Genetically Debunked: A Qualitative-Quantitative Analysis of the Human Genome”


April 6

Richard Zhang - Title TBD

Commenter: Angélica Clayton


May 4

Beans Velocci, “Standardized Mayhem: Risk and Practice in Mid-Twentieth Century Trans Medicine”

Commenter: Maya Sandler