Graduate Studies

The History of Science and Medicine Program (HSHM) is a semi-autonomous graduate track within the Department of History. HSHM students are awarded degrees in History, with a concentration in the History of Science and Medicine; they are fully fledged members of the History Department.

Students in the History of Science and Medicine come from diverse educational backgrounds, and they pursue a wide range of topics. Successful applicants will sometimes have experience in scientific, technical, or clinical subjects that are not ordinarily part of preparation for graduate study in History. The faculty considers all qualifications when evaluating applicants.

The HSHM program offers opportunities for students to pursue research spanning the full range of the history of science and history of medicine. Instruction is offered in small seminars, and students receive advice and guidance from faculty advisers throughout the entire period of enrollment. The Program provides many opportunities for professional development in teaching, research, publication, and presentation.

Methodological training is expansive and interdisciplinary. Students work with all kinds of sources—texts, instruments, artifacts, interviews—and incorporate social, cultural, political, geographic, and economic analysis. Students are also encouraged to draw on other disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, literature, philosophy, and the contemporary natural and social sciences.

One special advantage of graduate study at Yale is a library system that is among the best in the world. The Medical Historical Library contains renowned collections and rare works in the history of medicine and related sciences, and the university library system as a whole has exceptional depth in original sources for all major sciences and technological systems.