Gerardo Con Diaz and Jenna Healey Receive Distinguished Awards for Dissertations

May 26, 2016

Congratulations to HSHM grad students Gerardo Con Diaz and Jenna Healey for receiving distinguished awards for their dissertations.

Con’s dissertation, “Intangible Inventions: A History of Software Patenting in the United States, 1945-1985,” won the John Addison Porter Prize. According to the award’s website, this award is “given for a written work of scholarship in any field in which it is possible, through original effort, to gather and relate facts and/or principles and to make the product of general human interest.”

Jenna’s dissertation, “Sooner or Later: Age, Pregnancy, and the Reproductive Revolution in Late Twentieth-Century America,” won the George Washington Egleston Historical Prize.  According to the Convocation program, this is given to a student who “discovers facts of importance for American history or gathers information or reaches conclusions which are useful from a historical, literary, and critical point of view.”

Congratulations once again Con and Jenna! We’re proud of your achievements!