Donna Haraway lecture, “Making Oddkin: Storytelling for Earthly Survival” available on YouTube

October 26, 2017

On the occasion of receiving the Wilbur L. Cross Medal for Distinguished Alumni, one of Yale’s highest honors, Donna J. Haraway gave a public lecture demonstrating the power of narratives that bring together biology, activism, and art. That speech, “Making Oddkin: Story Telling for Earthly Survival” is now available on YouTube! Click the title, (or here), to link to it. In the lecture, Haraway describes a series of “contact zones” that reveal practices for becoming worldly in a time of unprecedented environmental destruction.

Donna Haraway events at Yale were made possible by:
The Program for Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies; Program in the History of Science & Medicine; Mandelbaum & Byrnes Fund for LGBT Studies, Whitney Humanities Center, Franke Program in Science & the Humanities, Program in American Studies, Department of Sociology, and Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences