Deborah Coen wins Pfizer Award at the 2019 History of Science Society Meeting

October 4, 2019

Climate has always been with us, but the sciences for assessing it developed partly in Europe’s East. With brilliance, patience, and zest, Deborah R. Coen in Climate in Motion: Science, Empire, and the Problem of Scale (University of Chicago Press, 2018) provides a gripping narrative of how the Habsburgian attempts to unify a culturally and politically turbulent empire relate to measuring and assessing the dynamics of wind, water and plant life in the nineteenth century. Faced with governing a motley realm of kingdoms, principalities and duchies and a multilingual society divided by several mountain ranges, flooding rivers, parched plains and rocky coasts, elite botanists and natural philosophers, and the civil servants of Europe’s Eastern empire developed a pioneering need for explaining atmospheric circulation and disturbances.

The Pfizer Award is awarded for the best scholarly book.

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