Samuel Schotland

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MD/PhD Student
Research Areas: 
History of American medicine & public health; history of capitalism; history of emotions; history of children’s health; history of surgery and therapeutics; history of health activism; and material and visual culture


Sam Schotland is an MD-PhD student in history of medicine, pursuing his medical degree at the University of Michigan and his graduate studies at Yale. A Philadelphia native, Sam graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in History in 2015, and his M.A. in History from Yale in 2018. He works at the intersection of the histories of emotions, capitalism, and medicine. His current project explores the history of physician burnout, 1950s-present. Longstanding interests also include the history of children’s health, surgery and therapeutics, and material and visual culture. His historical scholarship has been published in Pediatrics and Oxford Bibliographies. In his spare time, he enjoys trivia, theater-going, and used-bookstore-hunting.